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Mental Health Benefits Of Having A Pet

You’re thinking of getting a puppy or maybe your child would really like to have one but you’re reluctant to give in for some reason? You’re afraid that it would be too much of an obligation and you just don’t have the time to take care of them. Or, maybe you’ve heard about comfort and therapy animals and about health benefits that come from having a pet by your side and you’re interested to find out more. If so, you’re at the right place, Nupathe is here to present you with some mental health benefits of having a pet.

Mental Health And Pets

We’ve decided to focus on mental health since people tend to neglect that aspect more than the physical one. After doing extensive research on the relationship between your well-being and pet companionship, we’ve found that having a pet can do you much good. Probably more than you’d expect. Read on and find out which are the mental health benefits that come from having a pet companion. (Go for it, we’re rooting for you!)

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DALI 2 click - for digital lighting control

What do Dalí and DALI 2 click have in common, except similar spelling? Well, the first one was a prominent Spanish painter, best known for the distinct and eccentric imagery in his surrealist work, and the second one will give you surreal lighting management potential.

DALI stands for “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” - it is an interface protocol for digital communication between electronic lighting equipment (electronic ballasts, transformers, etc.) that enables easy installation of robust, reliable, and flexible lighting networks.

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Qi Receiver click - Let the Qi force be with you!

In the Eastern tradition, Qi is the Chinese word meaning life energy, or life spirit, a vital force that flows through all living things. In electronics, Qi charging is an open interface standard, based on electromagnetic induction between planar coils, released in 2008. It represents a wireless power transfer that uses inductive charging.

For better Qi flow you can always do some Qi energy exercises and for Qi charging, you can use our newest click board™ - Qi Receiver click.

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Offshore Hosting and Freedom of Speech – Free or Not?

When Aleister Crowley wanted to publish his book of erotic poetry, he knew that his overtly sexual poems would not be agreeable to the British authorities. Amsterdam, an offshore safe haven, quickly presented itself – why not publish somewhere else where this kind of content is acceptable? Like offshore publishing, offshore hosting provides you with a much wider range of acceptable content, but is that Freedom of Speech free? Well, no.

Offshore hosting is for you if you have greater expectations from your host - stricter privacy regulations, higher level of data security, technical support, and a less rigid AUP. Excellent encryption, anti-DDoS protection, and support can hardly be guaranteed if your host doesn’t get financial means to provide it.

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