The sink is full. Again. Our light doesn’t work. Again. I don’t like showering in the dark. Also, stains on white. Hate them. And the washing machine still doesn’t work like it should, but she has a name. It suits her. Sometimes we try to reason with her, sometimes we yell. Yelling doesn’t help.

This whole day is like an Oasis song. A lazy Oasis drawl, slightly annoying, but strangely relaxing and in a way satisfying. You want to move like you’re a little bit intoxicated. Hazy.

I need to be myself
I can’t be no one else
I’m feeling supersonic
Give me gin and tonic
You can have it all but how much do you want it?

Gin is sin, said Lana. Well, forgive me, father. It would mean a lot.


Maybe I should sing/yell it. Yup. That was good. Nope, still pissed. Don’t look back in anger! Fine. I’ll be fine if you give me a minute. A man’s got a limit and so does my bank account. And I have to ask my parents for money. Again. Just this month.

I knew this year will bring a lot. And I like knowing things in advance. Oh, how much I like it!

Milan fixed the light! „You just need to pull it like this a little bit.“ Finally, something good, she thinks! A naive fool, she is. Too short to reach. HA HA. Well, at least I don’t have to shower in the dark. Good enough?

Maybe, if I aggressively change my sheets! Better. Just flop on the bed already. Like a starfish in that silly game of mine. It’s stupid but it made him laugh when he was sad. Lana makes that PLEASE STOP face when I do it, but she guessed the flamingo right away. She secretly likes it! As soon as she gets a house, I’m giving her a puppy.

He gave me a pair of socks. (Marina is a free elf! Sorry, had to.) They go well with my coat. Leopard print, or as he said, liger print. Yes, ligers are real.

Little by little.

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