Fear Is One, Opportunities Are Many

Oh 2017, how wonderful you’ve been! Fast paced and unyielding, not caring if we were prepared. You’ve marched and we were stumbling and changing. Changing and growing, changing is growing, at least I hope and believe. I’ve done well, I think. Sometimes I needed a little push – I’ve moved. Sometimes I needed a shove – I’ve fallen in love. And that one time I needed a couple of pushes, a lot of hefty shoves and one well-timed kick in the butt.

“Sir, can you please get us a couple of butt kicks, we need to make a decision. Thanks!”

2018 is nothing less demanding. Like that one teacher who pushes you and you’re not sure if that really is necessary. But then you learn and you’re thankful. But also fearful.

Fear vs  Opportunities

Fear may look like your friend, a protector and a confidant, but it’s not. Fear will push you in the wrong direction, it will shove you until you find yourself cornered, it will kick you when you’re down. He is not trustworthy, he’s a liar and a cheat. First, he’ll whisper in your ear, just for you to hear – they don’t love you, they’ll leave you. Then he’ll shout. Do not listen! Pretend he’s Nickelback. Turn it off. This is how I remind you. Nickelback should never ever remind you.

Luckily, fear is one, opportunities are many. Even if you don’t like numbers, they’re on your side.

Think of the future. Be thrilled and inpatient. Welcome her, don’t be shy. She’s a friend, she’s bringing even more love. Maybe she’ll get you a puppy! Will it be a chubby corgi with large ears and stubby legs?

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