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Whether you’re an avid reader in search of new, stimulating pages to read, a writer in need of some inspiration, or someone who would like to acquire help with content creation, rest assured. This is where you’re supposed to be!

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What Can You Expect

Here be dragons! Of course not! Mr Snaps and Miss Lemon are here to bid you welcome.

Come, come, don’t be shy! We love that you’re here. What can we do for you? Would you like some tea? No? Then you must be here for the content. Even better!

If you thought of Poirot's Miss Lemon when you've read the name of my blog, we'll probably get along just fine. However, in this case, Miss Lemon is a name I plan to give to my kitten when I adopt her. Oh, but I'm being rude, you now know the name of my potential cat, but not mine!

I'm Marina, content writer/copywriter from Serbia and if you wish to find out more about me, hop to my About me page.


What Can You Do Next

You can stay here and look at the pretty pictures (they’re nice, picked them myself!) or you can proceed to do what you came to do in the first place. If you’re interested in reading, my blog is yours to read.

When I write for myself, I enjoy writing about things that are important to me, in professional and in my private life and I like to be versatile. Just pick the category you prefer (personal, writing business, health and well-being, social matters, lifestyle), make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee, sip on and enjoy.

In Need of Professional Writing Services?

However, I don't just write for myself.  I write for those who understand the power of the written word but don't have the proclivity to write themselves.  I've started working as a copywriter for a company that makes tools for embedded engineers but my ideal job would be working as a writer for an agency that provides writing services. And if you’re interested in my writing services, you can always visit my portfolio first.